Spanish and Cooking

Do you like to cook? Are you interested in learning how to cook the typical spanish cuisine? With this course you will be able to learn Spanish, take part in fun cooking classes and enjoy the traditional tastes of our country.

  • Classes: 6 hours of Spanish course (2 hours a day for 3 days) and 6 hours of spanish classes whilst cooking (3 hours a day for 2 days).
  • It includes: classroom material for the Spanish course and cooking material for the recipes. It also includes a certificate, a CookEle apron and tasting of the completed recipes.
  • Starting Date: 03.01.2022.
  • Duration: 1 week (with possibility of extension depending on availability)
  • Level requiered: minimum B1
  • Minimum participants requiered: 4
  • Price: 250 €/week

The Spanish course consists of 2 hours of class (throughout 3 days, during the afternoon), focused on cooking vocabulary and on the culture of Spanish culinary. The classes will primarily be oral and lexical practice, paying attention to the influence that the cuisine has in different Spanish regions.

The cooking classes will be held at CookEle, a fantastic cooking school located just a few minutes walk from Escuela Delengua. The space is created to stimulate the creativity of the students and it includes a kitchen with a capacity of 12, with an eating area and a leisure area for the students of all areas of the world to come together over their shared interest: learning Spanish whilst cooking. Each day will focus on different recipes, with the classes lasting 3 hours (this will be morning or afternoon, depending on availability).

Here are some examples of recipes:

  • Typical plates from the Spanish cuisine: paella and gazpacho.
  • Gastronomy of Quijote.
  • Introduction of the taste of olive oil and how it is used in tapas.
  • The market and its produce.
  • The making of spanish omelette.

Don't miss this chance to learn Spanish in this new, fun and creative way!

*In case the minimum is not reached, we’ll inform the students and give them another option.