One-on-One Spanish Classes

Individual Spanish classes in the centre of Granada, Spain

The opportunity to work alone with a private teacher in order to improve your Spanish, focusing on your own personal interests and/or needs.


  • Learn and study the spanish language while having fun!

  • Classes: from 1 to 4 classes daily. Or, you can have one-on-one classes in addition to a group Spanish course.

  • Length of one-on-one Spanish course: starting from one day

  • Beginning of one-on-one Spanish course: any day of the year

  • Timetable for your one-on-one Spanish course: before 10 or after 13.30.

  • Levels: any and all – you concentrate on what you personally need to work on

  • Content of the one-on-one Spanish course: whatever you'd prefer.

In the one-on-one Spanish course, you decide the content and overarching themes, the start date, the length, and the intensity. Before you begin your one-on-one Spanish course, you can send us details of what you would like to cover, so that we can prepare a programme suitable for your requirements/wishes.

You can begin a one-on-one Spanish course any working day of the week, and have the number of classes that you wish, and study the themes and/or grammar points that you need to practise.

Our one-on-one Spanish courses are suitable for students of all levels, from absolute beginners to proficient users. You progress at your own pace, and you can discuss your aims and requirements with your teacher.

You can even have your one-on-one Spanish class in a bar or in your hotel (with an added fee).

Included in the price of individual Spanish classes:

  • Enrollment
  • Individual Spanish classes (45/60 minutes each)
  • Learning material
  • Organising activities 5 days as week that offer a deep insight into Spanish way of life.
  • Free Wi-Fi access in the school
  • Access to our library of Spanish books, CDs and DVDs (with a deposit)

We recommend individual Spanish classes for...

  • Those who are short of time or have a schedule that makes the fixed timetable of group classes inconvenient, but who wish to make as much progress as possible.
  • Those who want a personalised approach in order to be able to learn as quickly as possible.
  • Those who want complete flexibility: with regards to both the content and timetable of their Spanish classes.
  • Those with specific requirements: professional needs, hearing problems, etc.
  • Those who have specific difficulties with the language: problems with grammar, writing, phonetics or pronunciation, for example
  • Those who want to increase their confidence in using the language, or who may be too timid to ask for clarification in a group situation.

One-on-One classes for exam preparation

If you are preparing for an exam in Spanish (whether it be in Spain or in your own country), our one-on-one classes for exam prep are ideal. You can send us the syllabus of your course, or a list of topics for your examination, and we will prepare a custom-made course to fit your needs.

Be prepared for you exams!

The content of your studies is not important: it could be related to Spanish literature, linguistics, or grammar; it could be Spanish for a specific professional field, or it could be any other topic that is related to the Spanish language: we adapt our one-on-one classes in order to best prepare you for your exams.

An advantage of one-on-one Spanish classes for exam preparation is being able to focus on what you need to study. You will have your teacher’s undivided attention: you don’t have to follow the pace or the interests of others, as you would in a group class. One-on-one classes are adapted to your level, your pace, and your goals.

As well as the content and pace, you choose the number of one-to-one classes and the length of your Spanish course for exam preparation. If you only have limited time to prepare for your exams, or you feel that you need a lot of practice, you can choose to have up to 4 classes per day.